Review: Please Don’t Go- Joel Adams

When I first heard this song on V Hits a couple of weeks ago and I saw the music video to it I thought it was something different to a lot of the artists that were on the channel. I was impressed by the artist but at the time I didn’t know who it was so I done some research on it and saw it was Joel Adams.

A lot of people would remember Joel from his X Factor Australia Audition back in 2012 when he was 15 years old when he song Michael Jackson’s “The Girl Is Mine.” If you can’t remember the audition there the video is linked below.

This video was in the top charts for weeks in 2012 for the talent his has got and his voice.

Now 4 years later, he is released “Please Don’t Go” with a catchy music video that caught my eye but the only bad thing I have to say about the music video was I didn’t get the meaning with it as I only saw was Joel just walking around a rainforest with blue glowing things following him around. What we are taught from experience in both media nad the music industries this that everything has context or meaning with the expression with symbols and other things but I didn’t get it with the music video. I can understand as this is his breakout single and you learn from your mistakes like I have with being in the media as you grow.

I believe the song offers something different for music we are currently listening or that is in the charts as it has that pop like feeling to it but also is nice and soulful that we have been missing for a while. I like with this song that everyone having their own meaning from the lyrics and can easily relate to it as they have had the same experience either from a romantic relationship falling apart or in my case a friendship falling apart.

In review, I like the song a lot that it is catchy but the music video could of had a bit more meaning in my opinion or it should of told a story or a journey (I see that they are trying to do that but it need that little bit more).You will be hearing this song a lot during the week on our system. I think we are going to see more with Joel this year and He has got the looks (yes I think his hot), the voice and the talent to achieve this from being a Youtube Star to International signer/songwriter. While I was having a coffee during the week with my best friend, we both think he needs a mentor to help him along the his music journey to tell him what is good and bad.

Rating: 3.5/5

Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams is out now on iTunes



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